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Can You Trust That Health Website?

By Rachel Walden |

A small survey from 2004 suggests that read than 80 percent of women seek health information online.

Meanwhile, a Google search for “women’s health” returns almost 6 million results, the Department of Health and Human Services’s (intended to help parents talk to teens about sex) has been criticized for inaccuracy both before and after revisions, and an alternative to Wikipedia is being created to combat a perceived lack of credibility and expertise from the online … Read

Suicide Rates Increase in Young Girls

By Rachel Walden |

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on suicide trends among those ages 10-24 in the United States, updated with 2004 data. Alarmingly, the suicide rate appears to have increased 8% from 2003 to 2004 after a period of decline, having decreased 28.5% from 1990 to 2003. A CDC press release notes it as “the biggest annual increase that we’ve seen in 15 years.”

After breaking the data down by sex and age, three groups stood out … Read

News About Myhags, and Welcome to a New OBOB Blogger!

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

So after a few days of updating and renaming the blog categories and reorganizing entries — and getting that job mostly done — I’ve got read good news to report.

First, the Myhags website has undergone a back-end transformation of sorts that will make it easier to locate relevant information. The health resource center is now organized by topic, rather than by chapter. And in addition to essential book excerpts, web-exclusive content, and recommended links and resources, you’ll now also find links … Read

Honorable Mentions: My in the News

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Referencing our most recent book, “Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause,” Jane E. Brody of the New York Times explains that age itself is not a barrier to a lively libido:

In fact, it is rarely age per se that accounts for declines in libido among those in the second half-century of life. Rather, it can be any of a dozen or read factors read common in older people that account for the changes. Many of these factors are subject to modification that can restore, … Read

Help My Win a MySpace Impact Award

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

I hear from women all the time who describe the positive impact Myhags has had on their lives. Here’s the chance to turn that inspiration into action.

My is in the running for a MySpace Impact Award, for organizations and individuals making a “positive impact” in the world.

Please take a moment to nominate My — you do *not* have to be a MySpace member to take part. Simply click here: — and scroll down to the nomination box. … Read

The Medicalization of Midlife and Menopause

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Margaret Morganroth Gullette, a resident scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University and a contributor to “Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause,” has written a compelling piece for The American Prospect Online calling out hormone replacement therapy, not menopause, as the public health issue with which the medical community should be concerned.

Ever since the National Institutes of Health cut short a hormone therapy study called the Women’s Health Initiative estrogen--progestin study, which found a higher risk of breast cancer, … Read

A Plastic Surgeon Sees Trouble Ahead

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Apologies for not posting yesterday due to technical trouble. Here’s Thursday’s post with a double dose to follow shortly.

Edward Melmed, a Dallas surgeon, has written one of the most convincing essays I’ve come across about the dangers of silicone breast implants. His recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times opens with the subject line of an e-mail he and thousands of other surgeons received in November from a breast implant manufacturer: “Let’s toast this monumental occasion.”

The reason for such joy? The FDA decided … Read

Friday Double Dose: Virgin Births, The Gift of Trump and Wal-Mart Covers Birth Control

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

29th Carnival of Feminists: Grab a hot mug of your favorite drink and pull up a seat — the 29th Carnival is now up on The Imponderabilia of Actual Life, guaranteeing hours of great reading. The next edition will be on The Feminist Pulse on January 17. You can use the Blog Carnival submission form or email jaymi AT girlistic DOT com.

Problem Not Solved: Groups in Maine continue to protest K-Mart for selling a boy’s t-shirt that … Read

The Season for Giving … Women’s Health Around the Globe

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Before you finish your shopping list, take a look at what Myhags has in store for your favorite feminist.

Yes, even little ones can show love for the organization that has provided honest and accurate information on women’s health, sexuality and reproduction for read than 35 years. The My store has bibs and toddler t’s along with tote bags, mugs, hip t-shirts, hoodies and read.

Don’t need attire? Well, … Read