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Who’s Your Health Hero? Nominations Open April 1 for My Women’s Health Heroes Awards

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

When Myhags launched the Women’s Health Heroes Awards in 2009, we didn’t anticipate the outpouring of essays and videos we received (from seven countries!) or how incredibly difficult it would be to select two honorees from the close to 100 submissions.

We circumvented the second issue by selecting 20 Women’s Health Heroes — and addressed the first part by making it an annual event.

By making these changes, we are able to direct read attention to the challenging and rewarding work done around the … Read

Calls for Support of Birth-Related Legislation at State and Federal Levels

By Rachel Walden |

A bill has passed in the Mississippi House that could effectively make  midwives who are not also trained as nurses illegal in the state. The bill states that “the practice of midwifery shall only be conducted by Certified Nurse Midwives; to provide that any person who is not a Certified Nurse Midwife who engages in the practice of midwifery shall be subject to criminal penalties and injunctive relief.”

The bill would make it illegal for Certified Professional Midwives — midwives who who are … Read

Update on Israeli-Palestinian Adaptation of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The latest newsletter from Women and Their Bodies (WTB), an Israeli-Palestinian initiative that is adapting “Our Bodies, Ourselves” into Hebrew and Arabic (see our previous post), includes this update:

We continue to undergo the massive and vital task of creating local and culturally adapted Hebrew and Arabic editions of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ (My). Women and Their Bodies is fortunate to have generous an unbelievable network of over 300 devoted women volunteers giving of their time and their skills towards the writing, editing, research, … Read

Support My: Know an Employer in Massachussetts Interested in Charitable Giving?

By Judy Norsigian |

As an Our Bodies, Our Blog reader, you know that the specific interests of women and health are intricately connected to broader issues of social change. For just this reason, My has been a proud, longtime member of Community Works, a cooperative fundraising effort involving read than 30 Massachussetts social justice organizations.

Community Works is currently offering a special incentive that I wanted to share with our Massachusetts friends. You might be able to directly support My’s work without even making a donation yourself.

Community … Read

Obama Selects Alabama Physician Regina Benjamin for Surgeon General

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

As if Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing wasn’t enough news for one day, President Obama on Monday announced the nomination of Dr. Regina Benjamin — a family doctor who runs a rural clinic in Alabama where close to half of the patients are uninsured — for surgeon general.

It seems like an inspired choice. Here’s some background, from the Chicago Tribune:

Benjamin in 1995 became the first black woman and the youngest doctor elected to serve on the board of the … Read

Double Dose: Pregnancy, Prison and HIV

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Woman Shackled During Labor Sues State: A former inmate at the Washington Corrections Center for Women who was shackled while in labor is suing the state of Washington for violating her constitutional rights. Read the full complaint here ).

The Seattle-based women’s rights organization Legal Voice filed the federal lawsuit last week on behalf of Casandra Brawley. According to the complaint, Brawley, who was serving a 14-month sentence for shoplifting, was shackled by a metal chain around her belly during … Read

The Role of Medical Education in Preserving Abortion Access

By Rachel Walden |

A recent piece at Salon by Kate Harding (also of Shapely Prose) asks, Is there a next generation of abortion providers? Harding explains that while fear of violence and growing up after Roe may play a role in medical students’ decisions not to learn to perform abortions, “another factor keeping young doctors away from providing abortions is lack of comprehensive family planning training in medical schools.”

Harding points out that “fewer than 50 institutions in the U.S., out of 130 accredited medical … Read

Writings About George Tiller and Where We Go From Here

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

There’s so much important policy analysis and moving stories about Dr. George Tiller that we wanted to try to bring you a snapshot of it all here. We’ll continue to add to this post — please also leave suggestions for additional reading, or your own thoughts, in the comments.

In our previous post on Tiller’s murder, we included Tiller’s own story about becoming an abortion provider. He learned his father had provided medically safe abortions for women who had no place else to turn … Read

Raising Money for Hebrew and Arabic Versions of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” One Step at a Time

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Last month, a marathon in Tel Aviv drew runners raising money for a number of different causes — including an adaptation of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

Sophie Walsh, a clinical psychologist who moved from London to Tel Aviv in 1994, ran in support of Women and Their Bodies: The Women’s Association for Health Action and Responsibility. Founded in Israel in 2005, Women and Their Bodies (WTB) is an Israeli-Palestinian initiative that is adapting “Our Bodies, Ourselves” into Hebrew and Arabic.

“This version will be up-to-date for … Read

Improving Maternal Health, in D.C. and Around the World

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The DC Developing Families Center in Washington, D.C., is notable for its comprehensive approach to women’s health. Three facilities co-exist under one roof: the Family and Birth Center, a medical center where women can obtain physical exams, family planning services and give birth in a free-standing birth room; the Healthy Babies Project, which offers parenting and life skills as well as a food pantry; and an early childhood development center, with classrooms for children age 6 months to 2 years.

What makes it truly … Read