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Share Your “Our Bodies, Ourselves” Story and Win a Free Book!

By My |

We’ve been gathering stories all this year (read ’em!), and we’d like to expand the incredible story collection to include videos. Here’s your chance to tell audiences about your My experience.

The details:

1) Record your video response.

2) Answer one or two of these questions:

• When did you first find out about or read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? What did you learn from reading it?

• What impact has “Our Bodies, Ourselves” had on your life?

• How would you say “Our … Read

The New “Our Bodies, Ourselves” Cover is Here

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Generally speaking, we don’t get all that excited about book covers. Words and images may entice you to pick the book off a shelf, but covers don’t usually have their own story to tell.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce the new cover of the ninth edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” The cover features 52 (!) women, from young to old, who have been influenced in some way by reading “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

How did this cover come to be? In preparation for the 40th … Read

Health Literacy Resources for Providers

By Rachel Walden |

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the IHA health literacy conference, where many experts spoke about ways to make health information read understandable to read people.

Health literacy is a complex topic that I’m still learning about, but it encompasses read than just reading skills. According to a common definition, health literacy is “The degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” Encompassed in that … Read

Stirring the Pot – How Has Obama Done on Choice?

By Rachel Walden |

We’re all pretty used to hearing about anti-choice, anti-reproductive justice Republican proposals that do little to promote the health of all women, but how is our current Democratic President doing on these issues? That is the theme explored by the current issue of Conscience, the magazine of Catholics for Choice, which explores the question of President Obama’s record of pro-choice action.

In the first essay, Jodi Jacobsen of RH Reality Check asks, “Is Obama Prochoice?” and focuses on the topic by looking at the … Read

My Anniversary Event Coverage in the Harvard Crimson

By Rachel Walden |

Earlier this week, several founding members of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (now Myhags) spoke at Harvard about the creation of the book and development of the organization, leading up to this year’s 40th anniversary and new edition of the book.

The Harvard Crimson has a write-up of the event – great article except for the erroneous statement that My has a staff of over 40 people. (We wish! There are 7 staff and 2 consultants — though we often feel like … Read

Myhags Kicks Off 40th Anniversary Celebration

By Rachel Walden |

In 2011, Myhags will release the ninth edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”.

This important milestone will be accompanied by another.

In 2011, we will celebrate 40 years of activism and the organization’s evolution from a small US-based group to a vibrant international network of social change activists.

“…We never considered writing a book, but simply planned to gather health information, talk with one another about it, hear everyone’s ideas and experiences, and share what we had learned with others…”

~ Jane Pincus, Co-Founder and Co-Author, Our Bodies … Read

Tell Us Your “Our Bodies, Ourselves” Story

By Rachel Walden |

At the recent Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare Advocacy Summit and joint colloquium of the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations (#ccckeystone), I met many interesting people with fond memories of their first experiences with the “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book. I loved hearing these stories, about how a small group of friends used the book to perform self-exams, how it motivated women to advocate for themselves or become active in women’s health and rights, and the many other ways in which the landmark book has inspired so … Read

Meeting Dispatch: Resources from the CUE/Cochrane/Campbell Colloquium

By Rachel Walden |

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare Advocacy Summit, followed by the joint colloquium of the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations. Each of these organizations is focused on promoting evidence-based healthcare, through consumer advocacy organizations (CUE),  systematic reviews and meta-analyses on healthcare (Cochrane) and social, education, and justice work (Campbell).

Over the course of the conference, I attended a lot of great sessions, met plenty of interesting people, and learned about many resources of … Read

Our Book, Their Inspiration: Riffing on “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Over the years, the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” has inspired read than simply an enlightened perspective on women’s health — it  has also inspired many title adaptations. To wit: “Our Bodies, Our Cars,” “Our Bodies, Our Quantified Selves,” “Our Bodies, Our Stilettos” … the list goes on.

Read poignantly, Jaclyn Friedman recently broke the silence around women’s sexual freedom with a must-read post at Feministe titled “My Sluthood, Myself.”

Now comes a new sexual guidebook for the … Read

Finding What is There: A Medical Ethics Challenge

By Rachel Walden |

Several prominent blogs have recently covered the story, first reported by Alice Dreger and Ellen K. Feder at  Bioethics Forum, of pediatric urologist Dix Poppas and his research involving clitoral surgery on young girls and young intersex patients to make their genitals less “masculinized” — that is, less large.

The research, conducted at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, is troublesome for a number of reasons, including lack of indication of an underlying medical problem. In each case, the clitoris … Read