Letter to the Editor: ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ Will Go On, In Print and Other Forms

By Judy Norsigian & Bonnie Shepard | The Boston Globe |

We appreciate the front-page coverage of Myhags and its transition to a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization (“Closing the book on ‘Our Bodies,’” April 6). We offer some important clarifications.

First, the 2011 edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” is not out of print; it is distributed in hard copy and e-book editions by Simon & Schuster, and its feminist perspective on women’s health issues is timeless. Most medical information in the 2011 edition is accurate, since information most subject to change went on the website, not in the book. Although the organization Myhags can no longer provide updated medical information, future blogs will highlight key topics, especially those requiring action from the public.

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