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If my vagina could talk…

By My |

Submitted by: Tania Israel

My is the book my older sister gave me that taught me how to honor my body and take care of myself and communicate with health care providers. I am now in my 40’s and have a masters degree in sexuality education and have recommended this resource to countless others. If my vagina could talk, it would say “Thank you, My, for keeping me healthy and happy!”

In this series, readers tell their stories about their experiences … Read

Want to Be on the Cover of Our Bodies, Ourselves?

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

As many of you know, we’ve been hard at work on the new edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” due out in October.

Now we’re turning attention to the cover — a new design that will feature about three dozen or so My readers. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to include girls and women for whom My has made a difference.

The catch is we’ve got a very short time frame to pull this together. If you’re interested in submitting your photo, please complete this form and send … Read

New Debate Over Addicted Mothers and Their Babies

By Rachel Walden |

This week, the New York Times focused on the babies of women addicted to prescription painkillers. The focus of the narrative – almost exclusively on the babies, with a lack of real interrogation of or accountability for how the system currently fails and demonizes addicted pregnant women – should be familiar to anyone who witnessed media coverage of the “crack baby” in the 1980s.*

In fact, the writer explicitly draws this parallel by stating, “Like the cocaine-exposed babies of the … Read

Get Your Tickets to Benefit Performance by Comedian Wendy Liebman to Support My

By Rachel Walden |

, a coalition of social justice organizations in Massachusetts, is holding their 4th annual comedy benefit on April 21st at the .

Comedian , who has performed many times on national television and has won the “Funniest Female Stand-Up Comic” award from American Comedy Awards, invited several of her comedian friends to join her for this rollicking evening.

Tickets can be purchased online; to have your ticket benefit Myhags, choose us in the … Read

My Anniversary Event Coverage in the Harvard Crimson

By Rachel Walden |

Earlier this week, several founding members of the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (now Myhags) spoke at Harvard about the creation of the book and development of the organization, leading up to this year’s 40th anniversary and new edition of the book.

The – great article except for the erroneous statement that My has a staff of over 40 people. (We wish! There are 7 staff and 2 consultants — though we often feel like … Read

New Materials Available Related to Wax Homebirth Meta-Analysis

By Rachel Walden |

Readers and on birth issues generally will know that the Wax meta-analysis on home birth generated much controversy and discussion about its methods, conclusions, and presentation, which in a recent story.

As a result of the high level of interest and debate, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has allocated additional space to discussion of the paper, making letters to the editor, supplemental materials, and its editorial freely available to the general public for review, saying … Read

Report Now Available from UNFPA Strengthening Midwifery Symposium

By Rachel Walden |

Last June, prior to the Women Delivery conference in Washington, D.C., UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) held a symposium on Strengthening Midwifery.

A report from that conference is now available. It reports on speakers, presentations and issues from the event, including sessions on the role of midwives in addressing Millennium Development Goals on maternal and newborn deaths and HIV in pregnant women, topics in global midwifery education, midwifery regulation and standards of care, policy development, and other issues.

The report includes a call to action for … Read

Update on Availability of Compounded Progesterone for Preterm Birth

By Rachel Walden |

We about growing objections to the new, drastically increased price for a drug to prevent preterm birth, now branded as Makena.

One concern has been that cheaper versions of the drug compounded by pharmacies would no longer be available to patients. The company making Makena, KV Pharmaceuticals, previously to compounding pharmacies instructing them to stop compounding the drug lest they run afowl of FDA regulations. The FDA has now in response … Read

Objections Build to Price Hike for Makena, Drug to Prevent Preterm Birth

By Rachel Walden |

Earlier this year, (a progesterone injection from KV Pharmaceuticals, generically known as 17-Hydroxyprogesterone or 17OHP) for use to reduce the risk of preterm delivery in pregnant women with singleton pregnancies and a history of at least one spontaneous preterm birth.

17-Hydroxyprogesterone has for preventing preterm birth for decades, but had not specifically been approved by the FDA – it was usually compounded by pharmacists. It is now the only drug on the market with FDA … Read

Upcoming Panel on Race and Reproductive Justice

By Rachel Walden |

On April 7, Northeastern Law School in Boston, MA will host what promises to be a great panel discussion on race and reproductive justice. Here are the details, from an announcement we received:

Northeastern LSRJ, LSRJ National, and Northeastern Law School present:

“Race, Rhetoric, and Reproductive Justice: How Current and Proposed Legislation Will Affect Communities of Color”

A Panel Discussion Featuring:

  • Loretta Ross, National Coordinator of
  • Reverend Madison Shockley, , Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
  • Tiloma Jayasinghe, Executive Director,