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It reminds me to trust my body…

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by Leah Rubin

I bought the 1992 My edition for $2.98 in 1998 in Greenwich Village.  For years I wanted to buy the book and finally it has traveled with me from sea to shining sea.  No book compares.  It reminds me to trust my body, to not become indoctrinated by medical professionals and read often than not western connotations of labour.

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

Having always been confident … Read

Share Your “Our Bodies, Ourselves” Story and Win a Free Book!

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We’ve been gathering stories all this year (read ’em!), and we’d like to expand the incredible story collection to include videos. Here’s your chance to tell audiences about your My experience.

The details:

1) Record your video response.

2) Answer one or two of these questions:

• When did you first find out about or read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? What did you learn from reading it?

• What impact has “Our Bodies, Ourselves” had on your life?

• How would you say “Our … Read

Institute of Medicine Recommends Birth Control as a Covered Preventive Service

By Rachel Walden |

Good news! You may remember that the health care reform legislation enacted last year included provisions for preventive health care services to be fully covered without requiring patients to have copayments.

It was not clear, however, whether birth control would be included as a preventive service. It seems obvious to us, but the Institute of Medicine was asked to make some recommendations about which preventive services for women should be included, and included birth control in those recommendations, released yesterday.

If they are adopted, preventive services including … Read

Share Your Thoughts: What Do Women Need to Know About Egg Donation?

By Rachel Walden |

Women are being sought to complete an online survey about egg donation to help inform the creation of a website to answer women’s question about the egg donation process, including medical and legal concerns.

The survey is being conducted by the organization Generations Ahead and the Health Equity Institute at San Francisco State University. Questions address work, family, and money issues, as well as what you know about egg donation.

From the organizations:

The survey only takes 15-20 minutes and it is … Read

You’re Invited! Women’s Health & Human Rights Symposium

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Share it, save it, and come join us Oct. 1!


It began with a small group of women

and one stapled book in Boston in 1971.

Since then, Our Bodies, Ourselves has inspired women’s health

and human rights movements in 25 countries.

Please join us as we celebrate the work of

our courageous global partners,

launch our 9th U.S. edition,

and honor 40 years of activism on behalf of women and girls.

Our … Read

Speak Up Against Threats to Medicare

By Rachel Walden |

We received the following letter from Physicians for a National Health Program yesterday regarding political negotiations that range from raising the eligibility age for Medicare and increasing costs for participants to dismantling the program altogether. It’s an important issue and we hope you’ll take the time to learn read :

With the 46th anniversary of Medicare only a few weeks away (July 30), the program is in serious danger. … You may have seen the Washington Post story last week that said, … Read

Relying on “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to Educate Students — and Himself

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

by Paul Noble

As a 19-year-old sophoread at Beloit College in Wisconsin, I became a resident assistant. At Beloit, at least when I was there, RAs weren’t simply the dorm cops they were at other schools; Beloit’s resident assistants were in a kind of peer review/leadership program. RAs selected and supervised each other. We were required to provide a host of resources to residents, including counseling and social, emotional and educational programming.

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Exploring Pinkwashing: Questioning the Wisdom of Buying for a Cure

By Rachel Walden |

A new article in the journal Environmental Justice provides a compelling overview of a topic we have covered several times here – pinkwashing, or the pink-drenched efforts of corporations to be seen as doing something about breast cancer at the same time as their products or practices are possibly contributing to the disease.

In Pastel Injustice: The Corporate Use of Pinkwashing for Profit, authors Amy Lubitow and Mia Davis provide an introduction to the concept of pinkwashing, talk about environmental factors in … Read

The New “Our Bodies, Ourselves” Cover is Here

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Generally speaking, we don’t get all that excited about book covers. Words and images may entice you to pick the book off a shelf, but covers don’t usually have their own story to tell.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce the new cover of the ninth edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” The cover features 52 (!) women, from young to old, who have been influenced in some way by reading “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

How did this cover come to be? In preparation for the 40th … Read

Quick Hits: UN Report on Justice for Women, a New Maternity Blog, and Read

By Rachel Walden |

From dorms at USF to justice for women around the world, here are a few items of interest:

The United Nations’s UN Women group released a report, “Progress of the World’s Women: In Pursuit of Justice,” which looks at the legal rights of women around the world, barriers to accessing and navigating the justice system, and the impact of war/conflict on women, among other issues. It also includes ten recommendations for making justice systems work for women.

The University of South Florida has … Read