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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Introduced in Senate

By Rachel Walden |

Senators Bob Casey (D-Penn.) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) this week introduced the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to provide pregnant workers with legal protection against discrimination, similar to protections provided by the existing Americans with Disabilities Act (which does not cover pregnancy).

Many women need simple accommodations like being allowed to sit while working or additional bathroom breaks, and these are not protected under existing laws. As an example, one pregnant worker was reportedly fired for carrying a water … Read

Ley de Equidad para Trabajadoras Embarazadas Presentado en el Senado

By My |

Escrito por Rachel. Traducido del orginial en inglés Sept. 21, 2012.

Los senadores Bob Casey (Demócrata, Pennsylvania) y Jean Shaheen (Demócrata, New Hampshire) presentaron introdujeron la Ley de Equidad para Trabajadoras Embarazadas esta semana para extender protecciones legales a trabajadoras embarazadas contra la discriminación, protecciones a las que provee el Acta de Americanos con Descapacidades (que no cubre el embarazo) .

Muchas mujeres embarazadas necesitan arreglos sencillos en el trabajo: el permiso de trabajar sentadas, o descansos de baño mas frecuentes. Pero estos arreglos no están … Read

Providing Abortion is Also an Act of Conscience

By Rachel Walden |

In a compelling article in The New England Journal of Medicine, Lisa Harris, MD, points out that matters of “conscience” surrounding abortion and healthcare providers usually focus on refusing to perform abortions. She makes the case that choosing to provide abortions is also an act of conscience, one that is unfairly ignored.

While providing a brief history of conscience laws, Harris observes:

Over the past 40 years, the idea that conscience-based care means not providing or referring for abortion or other … Read

Today is Global Female Condom Day!

By Rachel Walden |

Today is the first ever Global Female Condom Day, intended to help raise awareness of the female condom as an option for pregnancy and HIV prevention. The female condom is the only available woman-initiated method available that offers dual protection.

You can get involved by reviewing and sharing talking points on female condoms, downloading and posting sheets that invite onlookers to share why female condoms are important, and joining the conversation online.

To find out read about what’s happening today and what you can do, … Read

Medical Students Interested in Reproductive Health? Check Out This Conference.

By Rachel Walden |

Medical Students for Choice, an organization that works to destigmatize abortion and increase training opportunities for medical students and residents, has opened registration for its annual conference.

The Conference on Family Planning will take place Nov. 10-11 in St. Louis, MO. Registration closes Oct. 26.

Topics to be covered include surgical techniques, psycho-social issues in abortion care, patient counseling, legal issues, abortion pain management, and unsafe abortion in global conflict settings. In addition, the conference includes sessions on … Read

Cosmetic Genital Surgery: The Physical and Monetary Cost of “Designer Vaginas”

By Rachel Walden |

Writing in The Atlantic, Melanie Berliet shares her experience as a patient seeking a consult at a vaginal surgery clinic that offers genital cosmetic surgeries.

Berliet’s consult, which included a physical exam, was focused on the supposed sex-enhancing and cosmetic applications of these surgeries — not on medically indicated procedures that address pain and discomfort.

I scheduled this complimentary consultation under the guise of wanting “to understand my options.” Secretly, I want to explore why a growing number of women are modifying a body part so … Read

Dear Researchers, Your Gender Bias is Showing

By Rachel Walden |

Yesterday I came across a press release that nearly gave me an eyeroll injury. It covered a paper that looks at data on the differing amounts of time women with and without paid jobs spend doing various activities related to food and their children, such as grocery shopping, cooking, eating with children, playing or exercising with children, and supervising or caring for children (inexplicably two separate categories).

From the release:

“When it comes to cooking, grocery shopping and playing with children, American moms with full-time … Read

Our Bodies, Our Votes: Protecting Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Services

By Kiki Zeldes |

Judy Norsigian, My executive director, wrote the lead article today in Cognoscenti, a new public opinion space at WBUR, Boston’s NPR’s station, that aims to foster conversations about issues that matter.

And what matters right now? Women’s access to reproductive health services.

In her column titled “Our Bodies, Our Votes,” Judy discusses the unprecedented level of attacks on women’s access to care. She points to recently enacted laws that restrict abortion and contraception and addresses the importance … Read

#akinroadtrip Report – Read Discussion of the GOP Abortion Problem

By Rachel Walden |

While we’ve been busily tweeting away with reports on the #akinroadtrip to deliver the most recent “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to Rep. Todd Akin, the story has kept up steam in the media. Here’s some coverage of the overall issue and big picture problem of the GOP’s abortion platform that we liked:

Road Trip: Delivering “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and Sex Education Books to Rep. Todd Akin

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Why mail the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” when you can deliver it in person? Yes, a Chicago-to-Missouri road trip to Rep. Todd Akin’s office begins this afternoon to deliver copies of the newly revised and updated 40th anniversary edition of the landmark book.**

Seriously, who needs accurate women’s health information read than a member of Congress who thinks women can magically ward off pregnancies if their rape was “legitimate”? (So, what amazing feats have you accomplished with your uterus today?)

I’m traveling with the always awesome Read