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How One Book Educated Generations About Their Bodies #MyTaughtMe

By Miriam Zoila Pérez |

My means information to me. Years ago, I remember purchasing the book that finally answered so many questions for me I couldn’t believe it. I brought one for my friends because I wanted them to have the same knowledge base of questions we dare not ask others. –Vanessa Antrum

For decades, the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” has been the go-to resource for people around the globe searching for honest, unbiased and uncensored information about women’s health, sex, sexuality and so much read.

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A Message from Gloria, Lena & My

By My |

Over 45 years ago, a group of women met in Boston and forever changed the course of history for women’s health by penning what would become “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”#MyTaughtMe everything from menstruation to masturbation.
– Lena Dunham

To this day, women and girls around the world rely on My to provide trustworthy health and sexuality information. A new series based on “Our Bodies, Ourselves” was published this summer in Vietnam. Next translation: Farsi!

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