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Volume 1: Cơ thể & Đời sống Tình dục của Phụ nữ (2015)
Translation: Women’s Body and Sexuality
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Volume 2: Mang thai, Sinh đẻ và Sức Khoẻ Sinh sản (2015)
Translation: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Reproductive Health
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Volume 3: Những yếu tố tác động đến Sức khoẻ và Cuộc sống của Phụ nữ (2015)
Translation: Factors Affecting Women’s Health and Life
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Our Bodies, Ourselves Project

The Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS) published a three-volume health series in 2014 based on “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

ISDS proposed an “Our Bodies, Ourselves” adaptation as far back as 2003, but funding did not materialize until 2013, when Oxfam Novib in the Netherlands stepped forward. ISDS worked with Nha Nam Publication to edit and publish the book.

Describing the project, :

For millions of Vietnamese women, especially in remote areas, it is difficult to comprehensively access medical information because of the lack in resources. Besides, the medical information on televisions, social networks, online newspapers and forums is often inaccurate or misleading. Meanwhile, in most Vietnamese family, women play the major role in taking care of the family and making decisions about health care. Therefore, if women lack access to medical information, it will lead to an implication that not only women but also men and children in in the family are also affected. This will also lead to many concerns about health for the whole community.

From the beginning of 2013, with Oxfam’s funding, the Institute for Social Development (ISDS) has implemented the project, developing and publishing the IEC material about the issues related to sexual and reproductive health for women and girls. ISDS expects that women can control over their bodies, their health and their lives, as well as become the catalyst for changes in society in general and in health status of the population in particular.

Project coordinator Khuat Thu Hong (right, striped scarf) and editorial team members facilitate a discussion with middle-age women about their sexual lives, reproductive health concerns and issues related to menopause. / Photo courtesy of ISDS

How to Obtain Copies

For information on obtaining copies, please Khuat Thu Hong: hongisds [AT]

Content Available Online

Each of the Vietnamese volumes is available in full in PDF format.

Cơ thể & Đời sống Tình dục của Phụ nữ (“Women’s Body and Sexuality”)

Mang thai, Sinh đẻ và Sức Khoẻ Sinh sản (“Pregnancy, Childbirth and Reproductive Health”)

Những yếu tố tác động đến Sức khoẻ và Cuộc sống của Phụ nữ (“Factors Affecting Women’s Health and Life”)

ISDS: Community Action & Activism

The mission of ISDS, a nonprofit organization established in 2002 and registered under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, is to “work with local and global partners to build a democratic, inclusive and participatory society in Vietnam with an emphasis on promoting rights of under-privileged populations.”

In phase two of the “Our Bodies, Ourselves” project, ISDS has been using the toolkits in a train-the-trainers program across the country by tapping collaborative networks, including the Vietnamese Women Union, where ISDS’s co-director is on the central executing committee and which has 13 million members; the Vietnam Nurses Association; the University of Labor and Social Affairs; and the Institute for Family and Gender Studies.


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