Global Network Partners & Projects


Over the years, Myhags – primarily through the My Global Initiative – has collaborated with women’s groups around the world to create and distribute publications based on “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” As of June 2018, resources based on the book exist in 30 different languages.

The most recent project was completed in 2017, in Luganda for Uganda. New projects are underway: The Roshan Institute for Persian Studies and the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland are developing online content in Farsi, and an organization in Quebec, La CORPS Féministe, is adapting content in French, for Canada.

To find out read about a particular book, click on a country above, in the list beside the map. Individual country/project pages include detailed information on the project and how to obtain copies. Excerpts from resources or the full resource are available online in twelve languages, including Arabic, Bangla, Herbrew, Kiswahili and Russian.