Questions to Ask Before an Abortion

By My Abortion Contributors | March 25, 2014

Which abortion method is used will depend on how pregnant you are; your medical history, including any medical conditions or drug allergies; the training of the person performing the abortion; the equipment and supplies available; the approaches favored by the local medical community; and your own preferences.

The list below includes questions you may want to ask when you call for an appointment to help determine your options and to plan for the procedure.

Note: When looking for a clinic or provider to , watch out for “crisis pregnancy centers,” often listed as “abortion alternatives.” These centers often draw women in by offering free pregnancy testing or ultrasounds and advertise themselves as counseling and referral agencies. In reality, they are run by groups opposed to abortion. They are not staffed by trained health care providers, and they try to dissuade women from having abortions by giving misleading and inaccurate information. For example, they may tell you that the pregnancy is further along than it really is or that abortions are dangerous and cause breast cancer and/or infertility (they don’t; read the FAQ on abortion). Such centers are often located close to clinics that do provide abortions and have similar names.

Also steer clear of websites that claim to sell pills to induce abortion; only your healthcare provider can administer pills for a medication abortion. Websites will send fake pills or charge your credit card and send nothing.

Use these recommended resources to locate a clinic near you.

Questions to Ask Clinic Staff

Medical Issues

  • What abortion methods are available to me? What are the differences in terms of numbers of visits, costs, and restrictions?
  • Is there anything about my physical condition or in my medical history that could interfere with my getting an abortion at your facility? Is there an upper weight limit for your abortion care? Will you perform an abortion if I’m HIV-positive?
  • What pain relief and other medications are available? What is the difference in cost?
  • Will the clinic be responsible for routine follow-up care? For treating complications? What type of backup services are available in case of emergency?
  • I need a Pap test or chlamydia testing. Can I get these done when I come in for the abortion?
  • Will birth control be available if I want it?

Financial Issues