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Arizona Mom Fights VBAC Rules at Local Hospital

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

An Arizona woman’s dispute with her local hospital over its refusal to allow a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), even though she has already undergone a VBAC at the same hospital, has caught the attention of CNN, which featured the story on its homepage today.

Joy Szabo, 32, told CNN she is grateful for the c-section performed during her second delivery, when doctors feared the baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen, but her third son was a vaginal birth and she thought this delivery would be, … Read

New Feminist Disability Blog Launched, and Disability Info on Twitter

By Rachel Walden |

A new blog, FWD/Forward, has recently launched.  The About section of the site explains:

FWD/Forward is a group blog written by feminists with disabilities. It is a place to discuss disability issues and the intersection between feminism and disability rights activism. The content here ranges from basic information which is designed to introduce people who are new to disability issues or feminism to some core concepts, to read advanced topics, with the goal of promoting discussion, conversation, fellowship, and education.

Although the site … Read

Olympia Snowe to Vote Yes on Senate Finance Committee Health Care Bill

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Update (2:52 p.m.): Final vote — Senate Finance Committee passes health reform bill by a vote of 14-9, with Sen. Olympia Snowe the lone Republican voting in favor.

Update: Public option supporter Sen. Jay Rockefeller will also vote “yes.”

The Senate Finance Committee is expected to vote on health reform legislation proposed by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) this afternoon or evening. The bill is expected to make it out of committee, but one of the lingering questions had been whether it would pass with or without … Read

New Study Suggests a Virus is Associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Rachel Walden |

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a somewhat mysterious condition, as while it causes serious impairment, the cause is currently unknown, and there is no known cure. The illness, which is characterized by a constellation of symptoms including incapacitating exhaustion, cognitive problems, nonrestorative sleep, and severe exercise intolerance (when exercise makes symptoms worse),  is thought to occur 4 times read frequently in women than in men. A new paper published by the journal Science suggests an association between chronic fatigue syndrome and … Read

Update on Israeli-Palestinian Adaptation of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The latest newsletter from Women and Their Bodies (WTB), an Israeli-Palestinian initiative that is adapting “Our Bodies, Ourselves” into Hebrew and Arabic (see our previous post), includes this update:

We continue to undergo the massive and vital task of creating local and culturally adapted Hebrew and Arabic editions of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ (My). Women and Their Bodies is fortunate to have generous an unbelievable network of over 300 devoted women volunteers giving of their time and their skills towards the writing, editing, research, … Read

Health Care Reform Update: Senate Finance Committee Sets Vote for Tuesday; Poll: 61 Percent of Voters Favor Public Option; Legislators Tackle Gender Gap …

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The vote on the Senate Finance Committee health reform bill has a date: Tuesday, Oct. 13.

The decision comes one day after the Congressional Budget Office reported that the committee’s legislation would cover 29 million uninsured Americans but would still slow the growth of spending and would reduce deficits by a total of $81 billion over a decade.

“Despite the expansion of coverage at a cost of $829 billion over 10 years, the budget office said 25 million people — about one-third of … Read

New Briefs on Health Reform Discuss Comparative Effectiveness Research, Women’s Access to Care

By Rachel Walden |

We have written in recent months about the inclusion of money for comparative effectiveness research (CER) in the stimulus bill, the call for comments as to priorities for that research, and the subsequent list of priorities for funding of that research.

Comparative effectiveness research and the associated process isn’t always easy to explain, though, and was the focus of some drama when the stimulus bill was debated, with some arguing that the research would lead to rationing of … Read

Support My: Know an Employer in Massachussetts Interested in Charitable Giving?

By Judy Norsigian |

As an Our Bodies, Our Blog reader, you know that the specific interests of women and health are intricately connected to broader issues of social change. For just this reason, My has been a proud, longtime member of Community Works, a cooperative fundraising effort involving read than 30 Massachussetts social justice organizations.

Community Works is currently offering a special incentive that I wanted to share with our Massachusetts friends. You might be able to directly support My’s work without even making a donation yourself.

Community … Read

Rapes in Guinea Show Escalating Government Crime Against Women

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The horror of rape as a weapon of war in Africa is all too common. Just in Congo, hundreds of thousands of women have been raped in the last 10 years, their stories documented by award-winning radio programs, ongoing news stories and even an HBO documentary.

International awareness and outcry against these crimes is not always swift or widespread. But an attack last month by government troops on women in Conarky, Guinea seems to be drawing a quick response.

Photos of … Read

FC2 Female Condom Available in the U.S.; CVS Stores in Washington, D.C. First to Sell Condoms Directly to Consumers

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Almost six months after receiving FDA approval as an HIV-prevention method, the FC2 female condom is now available in the United States.

The formal announcement was made in Atlanta last week at the Southeastern Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health Summit, a coalition of reproductive health advocates. The summit was hosted by SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective.

The FC2 female condom is a second generation product developed by the Chicago-based Female Health Company. Currently available only to state health … Read