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Scarleteen Founder Conducting Survey on Casual Sex

By Rachel Walden |

Heather Corinna, founder and editor of Scarleteen and author of S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know-Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College, is doing a large study on multigenerational experiences with and attitudes about casual sex. The data will ideally be used for publication, but answers are completely anonymous and will only be used anonymously.

In contrast to a lot of the hype and stereotypes about “hooking up,” Corinna is looking for what’s real, both in sexual attitudes and experiences … Read

NIH Consenus Development Conference on VBAC This Week; Watch Online

By Rachel Walden |

Beginning today and continuing through March 10, the National Institutes of Health is hosting a “consensus development conference” on the topic of vaginal birth after cesarean section.

A free live webcast (with captioning) of the conference is being made available for those who can’t attend the Bethesda, MD event. (You may need to download an appropriate media player to watch it.)

Various experts are discussing the medical evidence on VBAC (audience discussion has been lively already!), including the following key questions:

  • What are the rates and … Read

Mississippi Senate Drops Bill Outlawing CPMs

By Rachel Walden |

According to reports, the Mississippi bill that would make non-nurse midwives illegal in the state is dead after “a barrage of calls and e-mails on lawmakers, urging them to kill the bill” from advocates for midwifery and home birth.

We mentioned the bill in a post last week, after it passed the House and was referred to the state Senate’s Public Health and Welfare committee. Committee chair Hob Bryan has now indicated that he will not bring the bill up for a … Read

Calls for Support of Birth-Related Legislation at State and Federal Levels

By Rachel Walden |

A bill has passed in the Mississippi House that could effectively make  midwives who are not also trained as nurses illegal in the state. The bill states that “the practice of midwifery shall only be conducted by Certified Nurse Midwives; to provide that any person who is not a Certified Nurse Midwife who engages in the practice of midwifery shall be subject to criminal penalties and injunctive relief.”

The bill would make it illegal for Certified Professional Midwives — midwives who who are … Read

Healthcare Reform: An Overview of Politics and Policy

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

We have reached The Summit.

Thursday’s bipartisan meeting at the White House (which you can follow live) promises to kick-start what may be the final descent toward healthcare reform. An overview:

Does healthcare reform have a chance? Is bipartisanship a real possibility? David Leonhardt of The New York Times provides some provisional answers.

Igor Volsky over at the Wonk Room brings us up to speed by providing a nice, clear comparison of the House bill, the Senate bill and President Obama’s new proposal.

As … Read

ACNM Issues Statement Supporting Use of Nitrous Oxide in Labor

By Rachel Walden |

The American College of Nurse-Midwives has posted a new position statement on nitrous oxide for labor analgesia, stating:

“It is the position of the American College of Nurse‐Midwives that women should have access to a variety of measures to assist them in coping with the challenges of labor.”

The ACNM notes that a blend of inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen is used for pain relief in labor in many other countries, but it not typically available in the United States, where epidural anesthesia and systemic … Read

Panel de la FDA recomienda vacuna contra el cáncer cervicouterino; Joven de Florida se opone a Gardasil como vía a la ciudadanía

By My |

Publicado por Christine / del orginial en inglés Sept 15, 2009:

My is committed to expanding our audience and in this spirit we’ve asked former board member Moises Russo to translate into Spanish several of our blog entries. We hope to translate read entries in the coming year.

En My estamos comprometidos a expandir nuestra audiencia de [email protected]  y en este espíritu le hemos solicitado a Moisés Russo, ex-miembro de la Junta de My, que traduzca al español varios de los blogs que tenemos en … Read

That Not So Fresh Feeling: A Discussion on Feminine Products and Advertising

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

If you’re in New York this evening, you may want to head over to the Housing Works Bookstore Café (126 Crosby St.) at 7 p.m. for a free panel discussion on “marketing embarrassing products to women.”

While that might not sound like the most appealing way to spend a Monday night, consider these three reasons to attend

Panelist #1: Sarah Haskins created, wrote and performed in the “Target Women” series on Current TV, where she spoofed advertiser’s and marketer’s ridiculous … Read

New Study on American Women’s Awareness of Heart Disease

By Rachel Walden |

A new study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation looks at what American women know about the risks for cardiovascular disease and the barriers to disease prevention.

The researchers surveyed women ages 25 and older about their demographics, their knowledge about heart disease (including their awareness of heart disease as the leading cause of death for women), perceived risk factors and prevention strategies, their sources of information about heart disease, preventive actions taken in the last year and barriers to prevention. Findings … Read