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Washington State Bans Shackling of Incarcerated Women in Labor and Post-Delivery

By Rachel Walden |

Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire last week signed into law a bill that forbids the routine shackling of pregnant women in and after labor, making it one of a handful of states that ban the practice.

The law, which takes effect June 10, states that no restraints of any kind may be used on a pregnant woman during transporation to and from medical visits or court proceedings during the third trimester of pregnancy or during postpartum recovery. It also stipulates that “no restraints of any kinds may be … Read

Embarazo no planificado y abuso por parte de sus parejas en mujeres jóvenes

By My |

Publicado por Rachel /

My is committed to expanding our audience and in this spirit we’ve asked former board member Moises Russo to translate into Spanish several of our blog entries. We hope to translate read entries in the coming year.

En My estamos comprometidos a expandir nuestra audiencia de [email protected]  y en este espíritu le hemos solicitado a Moisés Russo, ex-miembro de la Junta de My, que traduzca al español varios de los blogs que tenemos en la … Read

Emergency Contraception Still Not Easily Available to Young Women

By Rachel Walden |

The Center for Reproductive Rights has to raise awareness of the continuing prescription status of emergency contraception for young women, while older women have over-the-counter access – and they’re doing it with bunnies.

As the bunnies note:

Bunny 1: Wait, I thought you didn’t need a prescription anyread.

Bunny 2: You don’t. But you still have to go to the pharmacist, show your ID, and if you’re lucky, escape without the Stares of Shame.

Bunny 1: Yikes. Why can’t you buy it … Read

Effects of Health Reform on Maternity Care

By Rachel Walden |

Although the just-passed health reform bill has generated considerable debate about abortion (see Christine’s ), at least two other reproductive health components of the bill are worth mentioning — provisions related to freestanding birth centers and certified nurse midwives.

We have written previously about the Medicaid Birth Center Reimbursement Act, a bill supported by the American Association of Birth Centers. We’re pleased to report it was included in the (section 2301 for those interested in reading the … Read

Health Care Reform: How it Passed and What Comes Next

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

In case you slept through Sunday’s exciting (no, really! it was!) health care debate on the House floor, here’s a look at what went down — and, most importantly, what health care reform means for the country and for you.

The Nut Graph

The House approved the Senate bill by a vote of , with voting against and zero Republican support. The bill expands insurance coverage to ; approximately 23 million will remain uninsured, about one-third of … Read

An Interview with Childbirth Connection’s Carol Sakala

By Rachel Walden |

Medscape, a website from WebMD targeted primarily to healthcare providers and professionals, has just published , PhD, MSPH on the need to transform maternity care in the United States. Sakala is the Director of Programs for Childbirth Connection and co-author of the report, [PDF].

In it, Sakala discusses maternity care in the context of healthcare reform, noting the lack of focus on maternity … Read

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean — What the NIH has to say

By Rachel Walden |

As many of our readers will already know, the National Institutes of Health held a consensus development conference last week on vaginal birth after cesarean in the U.S., featuring panelists who spoke about VBAC trends, medical evidence, risks and benefits to women and babies, non-medical factors influencing VBAC availability (such as fear of legal liability), and related topics.

Materials from the conference are available at , including the , archived webcasts from each day of the conference, the previously completed … Read

Double Dose: What Will Happen to Healthcare Reform?; Stopping Campus Rape; Granny Midwife Margaret Charles Smith is Honored; and Read …

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

On How a Bill Becomes a Law: The bill that will likely become the reconciliation bill on healthcare has been posted. Ezra Klein .

Democratic leaders say a bill .  House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) pledges obstruction, saying Republicans will do “everything we can to make it difficult for them, if not impossible, to pass the bill.”

Jen Nedeau covers the multiple threats to women’s health and reproductive rights that must be addressed, including the House … Read

Wrap-Up: STD Prevention Conference, HIV/AIDS Awareness & Female Condoms in D.C.

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist at Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, has posted her  that was delivered this week at the National STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta. The slideshow covers the latest data on electronic and digital communciation, including cell phone usage and sexting.

Presenting with Lenhart was Kicesie Drew, who provides sex ed information ; Sally Swanson from the, a group that usess texting … Read

Scarleteen Founder Conducting Survey on Casual Sex

By Rachel Walden |

Heather Corinna, founder and editor of Scarleteen and author of , is doing a large study on multigenerational experiences with and attitudes about casual sex. The data will ideally be used for publication, but answers are completely anonymous and will only be used anonymously.

In contrast to a lot of the hype and stereotypes about “hooking up,” Corinna is looking for what’s real, both in sexual attitudes and experiences … Read