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Civil Rights Win in Case of Woman Shackled During Labor

By Rachel Walden |

In 2008, we wrote about the treatment of Juana Viilegas, who was shackled to a hospital bed during labor and after delivery, and denied access to her newborn or a breast pump in the days immediately after the birth.

Villegas was nine months pregnant and leaving a prenatal clinic with her three children when she was stopped by police. She did not have a driver’s license or auto insurance; Tennessee has recently made it much read difficult for immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. Because … Read

Put on Your Walking Shoes: Walk for Maternal Health on May 5

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The International Confederation of Midwives is asking member associations, midwives and their supporters to take to the streets on May 5 — International Day of the Midwife — to raise the profile of maternal mortality and access to midwifery care before, during and after childbirth.

From the ICM: “Over 340,000 women die each year, with millions read suffering infection and disability as a result of preventable maternal causes. The ICM, alongside UN agencies, WHO and a range of other international partners, is committed to addressing … Read

A steady companion in my adolescence…

By My |

Submitted by: Sarah Whedon

I really want to have a great story to tell about how “Our Bodies, Ourselves” provided personal health information at a moment when I desperately needed it. But it wasn’t really like that for me. The book was read like a steady companion in my adolescence. I kept it handy as a personal reference work and even lugged it off to college with me. I benefitted from it having been first published before I was even born.

Do you remember when you first … Read

“Skin Deep” Database Provides Details on Safety of Skin Care and Cosmetic Products

By Rachel Walden |

The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, a free online database maintained by the Environmental Working Group, provides information on the safety and potential harms of ingredients in make-up, sunscreen, facial cleansers and moisturizers, lens solutions, shampoo, nail polish and remover, baby wipes, soaps, and creams, toothpaste, fragrances, and other cosmetic and skin care products.

You can browse by cosmetic category or search for the name of your favorite product to find out about possible hazards in terms of cancer risk, reproductive toxicities, and … Read

I have only love and admiration for those first brave women

By My |

Submitted by: Meg Sawicki

The first time I saw “Our Bodies, Ourselves” was in 1977 and I was a freshman in college. Some women I knew had the book and I remember thinking how fantastic it was that a group of women had written a collection of stories that shared their own wisdom about health and life and being a woman. For the first time I was affirmed that different was okay, and I was hooked.

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Read

I have proudly shared it with many young women…

By My |

Submitted by: Debbie Ali

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

I read and re-read the first copy on recycled newsprint in 1970; loved it when it came out bigger with read info. It was the guide to my learning about my body, and I have proudly shared it with many young women I have known over the years. I look forward to sharing it with my grand daughters and great nieces!

In this … Read

A Study of Sexual Function in Cancer Patients

By Rachel Walden |

I was recently ed by Chia-Chun Li, a doctoral candidate in nursing at the University of Texas at Austin, who is working on a study for her dissertation entitled, “Factors Affecting Sexual Function and Sexual Satisfaction among Females with or without Rectal Cancer or Gynecological Cancer.”

She is looking for women to participate in both the study group (those with cancer) and a control group (women without cancer). According to the announcement, you are eligible to participate in the study group if:

You are … Read

I didn’t know much about my body…

By My |

Submitted by: Joanne Accardi-Goldberger

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

When I was a college girl in the early 70’s, I didn’t know much about my body. Then came My… it empowered me… my friends… my entire generation! Thoughts, questions we had been taught to suppress could now be discussed openly. Thank you My for helping me get in touch not only with myself, but for becoming a life-time proponent for women’s … Read

Healthcare Providers Asked to Help FDA Monitor Pharmaceutical Promotions

By Rachel Walden |

On April 28, the FDA is hosting a webinar to explain the “Bad Ads” program, which asks healthcare providers to report examples of inappropriate pharmaceutical promotions to the agency.

We’ve discussed concerns about direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising previously, but this program is intended read to monitor inappropriate claims about drugs made directly to providers (rather than directly to consumers).

According to the webinar website, “The pharmaceutical industry spends nearly three times as much on advertising to health care professionals as it does … Read