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Because Fighting Against Women is Apparently Read Important than Jobs

By Rachel Walden |

Yesterday, the House passed HR 358, the “Protect Life Act” which would interfere with women’s ability to choose and pay for their own health insurance plans with abortion coverage. As so clearly outlined in the dissent from the House Energy and Commerce Committee:

…this bill clearly goes further than the regulation of federal funds. Its effect would be to harass and intimidate women and their families in their use of their own money. It makes the job of private insurance companies so … Read

Women Deserve Answers: Depo Provera and HIV Risk

By Rachel Walden |

A recent study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases drew attention and controversy this month because of its finding that women using injectable types of contraception (known by the brand name Depo Provera) had twice the risk of acquiring HIV from their infected partners.

Heterosexual couples in which one partner had HIV were studied in seven African countries. The participants were sexually active, not pregnant, and not on antiretroviral medicines. Women were HIV-tested quarterly and asked at those times about their contraceptive … Read

On the Women’s Health Movement in the Context of Globalization

By Rachel Walden |

As we reflect on our 40th anniversary symposium with its focus on global initiatives, this excellent plenary address delivered by Sylvia Estrada Claudio at the 11th International Women’s Health Meeting (IWHM) in Brussels in September on women’s health and globalization is especially relevant.

In it, Claudio touches on many important themes: human rights, reproductive justice, body image and media, class, race, heterosexism, the environment, corporate greed, and read. There is much to consider in this piece. In particular, she speaks of the need for … Read

Want to Protect Life? Protect Funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

We’re working on pulling together images and stories from this past weekend’s incredible 40th anniversary symposium. Our global partners from Turkey to Tanzania go to great lengths to ensure women in their countries have access to resources and information that enable them to make decisions about their health and the health of their families. Stories from these women affected everyone who watched and listened (see E.J. Graff’s great post over … Read

Watch Online Today: Myhags 40th Anniversary Symposium

By Rachel Walden |

Today at Boston University’s Tsai Performance Center, Myhags is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the publication of the original “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book, editions of which have informed and inspired women ever since.

To mark this milestone, the organization is holding a free public symposium, with speakers including Loretta Ross of SisterSong, Byllye Avery of the Black Women’s Health Imperative, and My’s own Judy Norsigian. Jacyln Friedman of Women, Action, … Read

The flood of relief I felt at that moment, and the power that came from the sense of not being alone, really did change my life …

By My |

by Ruth Bell Alexander

In late 1969, a couple of months away from delivering my first baby (my son, who is now 41), I was 25 years old, living out in the country suburbs of Boston 3,000 miles away from my family, with a husband who went off to Cambridge every weekday for work.

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

It was a pretty lonely existence. I knew almost no one. But when … Read

My was my midwife — always informative, always encouraging me to hear and express my own voice …

By My |

by Maura Ann Dowling

In 1986 I was a senior in college, had just ended a relationship with my boyfriend who had anger management challenges from some unresolved issues in his past. Then I found out I was pregnant. My parents were very concerned with image — so this was not an event they were able to open their hearts to for many months.

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

Fortunately I owned … Read

Midwives are the guardians of normal and natural birth …

By My |

by Whitney Pinger

As a young teen in the 1970s, My taught me that women’s health was ours, and that we did not have to give up or strength and power.

I learned that midwives are the guardians of normal and natural birth and that is what I have come to incarnate.

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

I have been learning to be a midwife since I opened my first copy of My … Read

Respondiendo a las Restricciones para el Aborto

By My |

Escrito por Rachel; traducido del orginial en inglés Sept 26, 2011.

My has received funding to make blog entries available in Spanish. We hope to expand outreach efforts in the coming year.

A principios de este año, Guttmacher, reportó que en la primara parte del 2011,  los estados promulgaron un número record de restricciones para el aborto.  Parece que cada semana hay noticias de alguna nueva restricción, como la promulgación de leyes aprobadas en Arizona y una nueva prohibición para algunos tipos de … Read

2011 Women’s Health Hero: Mavi Kalem Expects Turkish “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to Spark Reform

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrationMyhags is honoring its global partners who have adapted the “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book for their own communities. Learn read.

by Gamze Karadağ

My Project Coordinator, Turkey

I’m a 29-year-old feminist from Turkey. It is hard to be a feminist in Turkey, as I know it is in many countries.

When you state that you’re a feminist, people judge your appearance and question whether you hate men. They speculate about your sexuality, asking if you are a lesbian and why … Read