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Judy Norsigian on “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” Past, Present and Future

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

NBC Nightly News, which broadcast a great report this week on the 40th anniversary of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” has posted an exclusive web-only interview with Judy Norsigian, My co-founder and executive director, that is well worth viewing and sharing. (Also see the equally impressive interview with Dr. Susan Love.)

Norsigian talks about how the earlier “Our Bodies, Ourselves” editions demystified … Read

Susan Love on the Impact of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and Why Breast Cancer Should Focus on Breasts

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Susan Love, the well-known breast cancer researcher and women’s health advocate, was a 23-year-old medical student when the first edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” was published, but the book’s impact was instant and permanent.

“It completely revolutionized how I and really the whole world looked at women’s health,” she said during an exclusive web-only interview with NBC Nightly News, which earlier this week Read

The Legacy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”: Sex, Plumbing and Menopause

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Great segment on “Our Bodies, Ourselves” on NBC Nightly News! We’re delighted they featured some of the original authors and women talking about what the book has meant to them. And the camera shots provided good context, showing the many different editions over the years. We’ll post video here once it’s available. (see below!)

A few quick observations:

– Didn’t know Mona Charen was taking part, or that she’s still angry “Our Bodies, Ourselves” separated sex from marriage.

– We need to see and … Read

Watch Tonight!: NBC Nightly News Featuring “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

The new edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” has been picking up some great press from coast to coast, and tonight we’re going national!

NBC Nightly News is doing a segment on the book and its 40th anniversary featuring My co-founder and executive director Judy Norsigian as well as Susan Love, Nora Ephron, Faye Wattleton and book contributor Veronica Arreola, an all-around awesome feminist and women’s health advocate.

NBC … Read

Comparing ACOG VBAC Guidelines

By Rachel Walden |

Last year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released new guidelines on vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). ACOG’s stance on VBAC is considered extremely important, because it can have a strong influence on whether hospitals and individual providers are willing or able to offer VBAC as an option. The organization’s 2004 statement is widely considered to have drastically reduced the availability of VBAC in the United States.

The 2010 guideline place a greater emphasis on women’s right to be part of the decision-making … Read

I remember being horrified and intrigued at the same time…

By My |

by Anonymous

Do you remember when you first read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Tell us your story!

My means being a nine-year-old girl and sneaking to flip through the contents of my mother’s copy. I recall seeing a drawing of a woman growing pubic hair and using a tampon. I remember being horrified and intrigued at the same time. It’s been many years since I’ve thought about that book but it would be 15 read years before I could muster up … Read

Memphis, TN Gives Family Planning Funds to Religious Organization That Plans to Deny Services

By Rachel Walden |

In Memphis, TN, Title X family planning funds have been awarded to Christ Community Health Services, a religious health provider that has indicated that it may refuse to provide information, referrals, and some kinds of health care to Shelby County’s women.

Title X funds have historically gone to Planned Parenthood in Memphis; the move to give the funds to an anti-choice organization is part of nationwide efforts to defund Planned Parenthood because PP provides abortions. Existing laws already clearly prohibit Title X or other federal funds … Read

Mothers Have Abortions

By Rachel Walden |

This week, Lauren Sandler published “The Mother Majority” at Slate, and pointedly asks the question, “Women with children have read abortions than anyone else, and by an increasingly wide margin. So why is the topic taboo?”

According to the CDC’s 2007 data, 58.6% of women choosing abortion had 1 or read previous child; a third of women (32.3%) had two or read previous children. Sandler provides read recent numbers from the National Abortion Federation: “every year since 2008, a whopping 72 percent … Read

I was hungry for all the things I couldn’t name…

By My |

by Vanessa Fernando

I first came across a copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” in a used bookstore when I was fifteen. I had been making myself throw up for about a year by that point, counting calories and restricting my sugar intake during the day just to sneak downstairs at night, quietly eating pretzels and cookies while trying not to wake my mother up. My world consisted of a high school where the ‘pretty’ girls were all white and wore two-hundred-dollar jeans. I was … Read

Yes, it’s October, and Everything is Pink

By Rachel Walden |

This weekend, the New York Times ran a lengthy article on “The Pinking of America,” framed as a discussion of pink-themed marketing campaigns related to breast cancer awareness.

In it, they describe the numerous pink products on sale, especially in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month, noting that these campaigns have “become a multibillion-dollar business, a marketing, merchandising and fund-raising opportunity that is almost unrivaled in scope.” NFL teams, tires, mascara, blenders, and many read products have gotten a pink makeover to raise money … Read