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Webinar: New Report on Breast Cancer and the Environment

By Rachel Walden |

is hosting on Tuesday, January 24th and Wednesday, January 25th to discuss the recent Institute of Medicine including how advocates can help move forward the report committee’s recommendations for better understanding and managing these risks.

BCA will discuss some of about the report, as well as focus policy changes required to reduce exposures to potentially cancer-causing agents.

The report, commissioned by Komen, explores the … Read

Ending Cervical Cancer Requires Ending Disparities in Access to Pap Tests and HPV Vaccines

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Every year in the United States alone, read than 12,000 women are diagnosed and read than 4,000 women die of , a preventable disease that disproportionately affects women of color.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, and the (NLIRH) is launching “¡Acábalo Ya! Working Together to End Cervical Cancer.” The campaign is aimed at educating Latinas about this disease and how to protect … Read

Trust Women Banners Agitate the Anti-Choice

By Rachel Walden |

we posted about the Trust Women/Silver Ribbon campaign banners placed around Market Street in San Francisco carrying messages like “Reproductive Rights are Human Rights” and “Her Decision, Her Health.”

Today, the that the banners have drawn attacks from the anti-choice Life Legal Defense Foundation, which has threatened to sue the city for allowing the banner poles to be used to promote a political message not related to a specific event.

In response, Department of Public Works Spokeswoman Gloria … Read

Get Karen to Haiti! Support Local Midwives Serving Women in Earthquake-Ravaged Region

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Weeks after the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake decimated Haiti’s health infrastructure, Karen Feltham, a certified nurse midwife and nursing instructor at Binghamton University, traveled to Fond Parisien, Haiti, to provide support for pregnant and laboring women at a local birth center.

Two years later, she is returning — leaving today to spend 10 days working alongside the two local Haitian midwives that staff the HCM Maternity Clinic, a birth center that serves read than 2,000 women a year. While the midwives provide the best care possible … Read

Trust Women!

By Rachel Walden |

Myhags is one of 42 in the Trust Women/Silver Ribbon campaign, a project to increase the visibility of pro-choice messages.

This week, the campaign has along Market Street in San Francisco to “spark conversations and to help build momentum and solidarity among supporters of women’s rights, equality and autonomy and access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive health care services.”

The banners display messages like “Reproductive Rights are Human Rights,” “Her Decision, Her Health,” and “U.S. … Read

My Global Symposium Spotlights Challenges to Securing Health, Human Rights

By junetsang |

This article was recently published in My’s winter newsletter. View the full newsletter.

* * *

“I did training for read than 5,000 women across the country, and all their stories and all their experiences are in Our Bodies, Ourselves. Along with the stories and political activism, we started brokering power at the personal as well as at the political level. As of this moment, we have something to celebrate.”

Those words were spoken by , a prominent … Read

Congratulations to Our Editor, Kiki!

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

This is a purely congratulatory post, full of love and cheer and good wishes for our My colleague Kiki Zeldes, who got married Dec. 30 to Susan Galereave.

Everyone who has ever fallen in love has a story to tell. Kiki and Susan’s just happened to make the . Here’s the best part, as written by Leann Wilcox:

The couple first met in the early 1980s, after being introduced by mutual friends. They did not reconnect … Read

FDA Seeking Public Comment on Ensuring Inclusion of Women in Medical Device Studies

By Rachel Walden |

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on a intended to define expectations about inclusion of women* in medical device research, including making sure women are represented in clinical trials and that data on women’s outcomes with devices should be collected and reported. Medical devices include products like lenses, coronary stents and pacemakers, breast and hip implants, prostheses, and other equipment for diagnosis and therapy.

The FDA is the agency that approves medical devices for … Read

Good Journalism: The Story of a Transgender Youth and Her Family

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Earlier this month, that deserves special mention before resuming our holiday break.

The story starts by comparing identical twins, two boys who grew up with distinctly different personalities and interests. As Bella English writes:

Jonas was all boy. He loved Spiderman, action figures, pirates, and swords.

Wyatt favored pink tutus and beads. At 4, he insisted on a Barbie birthday cake and had a thing for mermaids. On Halloween, Jonas was Buzz Lightyear. … Read

The Health Cost of Black Women’s Hair Products

By My |

by Kat Friedrich

There is a striking lack of mainstream news coverage of the , such as hair relaxers and skin lighteners, that are commonly used by black women. African-American women spend read on beauty products than white women do, but far too little research has looked at how women use these products.

So when the New York City-based