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GOP Attempt to Quash Contraception Coverage Fails for Now But Begs the Question: What if There Were 83 Women Senators?

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

By a close vote of 51 to 48, the Senate today blocked a measure that would have allowed employers and health insurance companies to deny coverage for contraceptives and other medical services for any religious or moral objection.

The vote was on an amendment proposed by Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, who sought to insert the largest political wedge possible between an individual and her doctor. The amendment would have allowed employers and insurers to refuse to … Read

Gabby Sidibe on What’s Missing From Movies, Plus Organizations Making a Difference

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

During the Oscars on Sunday night, a video montage featured a number of famous actors speaking about the power of movies. Gabourey Sidibe, a break-out star who was nominated in 2010 for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “Precious,” shared something quite personal:

The way I watch movies, I’m really searching for myself, because I don’t get to see enough of myself and I don’t — I kind of … Read

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

By Rachel Walden |

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, designed to bring attention to the seriousness of eating disorders, to raise awareness about biological and environmental triggers, and to fight the attitudes and expectations that contribute to these disorders.

This year’s theme is “Everybody Knows Somebody.” From the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA):

This year the National Eating Disorders Association is stressing that we all need to be educated about the contributing factors, signs and symptoms of eating disorders in order to ensure early detection and … Read

The True Costs of Birth Control

By Rachel Walden |

With the recent furor over contraceptive coverage, many of us have heard some version of, “But isn’t birth control really cheap and easy to get anyway?”

The reality is much less straightforward. When the Institute of Medicine looked at this issue while deciding whether to recommend that birth control be included among preventive services to be provided at no cost, it noted that while contraceptive coverage has expanded for many with private or federal coverage, many women still do … Read

Birth Control, Santorum and the Media: Battle Over Women’s Health Hits Feverish Pitch

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

You know when you’re feverish and you overhear bits and pieces from the news and it all swirls together in headache-fueled song? That’s how I spent a good part of February. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that covering prenatal testing has been called into question, or that Virginia legislators thought it would be cool to mandate transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions — at least until Gov. … Read

Keeping Up With the War on Choice and Contraception

By Rachel Walden |

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind of “What the….?!?” with ongoing attempts by Republicans to push back against women’s access to contraception and choice. If you’re catching up now, here’s some good reading:

At ThinkProgress, Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women From Testifying. Right, who needs women at a hearing about women’s health and access to medications?

The Democrats wanted to have one woman testify about the effects on women of lacking access to contraceptive coverage, but Oversight Committee … Read

Rachel Maddow on Republican-Led State Efforts to Interfere with Birth Control, Abortion

By Rachel Walden |

Last night, Rachel Maddow took on Republican anti-birth control, anti-abortion efforts around the states, including really egregious legislation in Virginia that would force women to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds if they want an abortion. This would be the state mandating that women have an object placed in their vaginas, for no medical purpose, with no opportunity to refuse consent if they wanted an abortion, and no opportunity for their healthcare provider to decide if the imaging was necessary.

Just check out the clip:


From the White House: Women at Religious Institutions Will have Contraception Covered

By Rachel Walden |

Today, the White House released a document addressing recent controversy over one preventive service covered under the Affordable Care Act – birth control. Under the Act, insurance plans are required to provide coverage for contraception without charging a co-pay, co-insurance or a deductible. U.S. Catholic bishops objected to the coverage, claiming it was a violation of their religious beliefs.

The statement indicates:

The policy also ensures that if a woman works for a religious employer with objections to providing contraceptive services … Read

New Book: “Health First! The Black Woman’s Wellness Guide”

By Rachel Walden |

We’re looking forward to checking out the new book from the Black Women’s Health Imperative, Health First! The Black Woman’s Wellness Guide, which one reviewer called a great gift “for an African-American woman for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or for no other reason than ‘because.’”

According to the website:

Health First explores Black women’s most critical health challenges, connecting the dots through honest discussions with experts and the uncensored stories of real women—from adolescence through adulthood. The focus is on … Read

Good Vibrations And My = A Perfect Match!

By My |

We are delighted and honored that Good Vibrations selected Myhags as one of  four nonprofit organizations it’s promoting during the months of February and March. That means shoppers can select My during checkout online and in stores and make a donation that goes entirely to the organization.

We’re in excellent company! From the Good Vibrations press release:

Good Vibrations, the trusted San Francisco-based company that takes pride in providing … Read