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Environmental Action Conference: 25 Years of Finding Solutions, Mobilizing Activists

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By Eliza Duggan, My Intern

After listening to environmental experts discuss the effects of toxins, it’s easy to become wary of eating non-organic food, drinking town water, or even breathing the air. But workshop organizers at the Toxics Action Center‘s 25th Annual Environmental Action Conference exuded an enthusiasm for steps we can take that left me read aware and hopeful than stressed.

The March 3 event at Northeastern University’s student center was bustling with environmental … Read

Reading Religion and the Body and Private Bodies, Public Texts

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

It’s been too long since I visited The Scholar & Feminist online, a webjournal published by the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW), but I’m glad I chose now to get reacquainted. The current issue is “Religion and the Body,” and it’s well worth a visit.

Guest editor Dominic Wetzel asks in the introduction: “What role does gender, sexuality and the body play in producing the idea that religion, and particularly politicized religion, is equal to conservatism, while secularism is progressive?”

Originally posed during a 2007 … Read

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Connects Violence Against Women and Health Disparities

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

If you’re online early tomorrow morning (Wednesday, March 14), head over to whitehouse.gov/live at 8:30 a.m. (EST) for a White House event commemorating National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

According to a blog post by the Office of National AIDS Policy, the multi-agency event “will discuss the intersection of HIV/AIDS, violence against women, and gender related health disparities. Speakers and panelists will examine the … Read

Doonesbury Starts Week-Long Abortion Storyline

By Rachel Walden |

This week, Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury strip is taking on abortion, Texas-style – the state’s forced ultrasound bill has taken effect, to much less national attention that that of the recent Virginia forced ultrasound bill.

Because the law requires providers to describe the fetus and play the heartbeat, physicians have indicated that “they almost always must use the transvaginal probe to pick up the heartbeat and describe the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy.”

Trudeau is expected to refer to these non-medical, forced … Read

International Women’s Day – Stories and Activism

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

International Women’s Day is traditionally marked as a day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and advocate for gender quality. The advocate component looms large today, considering the stepped-up attacks on women’s health and human rights. A sampling of stories and activities are featured below (most of which have been excerpted from their respective websites). Feel free to add your own links in the comments.

* Reproductive Rights and Justice in the United States: Democracy Now talks with Loretta Ross of the SisterSong Reproductive Justice Collective … Read

Pittsburgh, PA Folks – check out the Women and Girls Health Weekend

By Rachel Walden |

If you’ll in or around Pittsburgh, PA this weekend, we’d love to see you at the symposium on “Women, HIV, and the 40th Anniversary of Our Bodies, Ourselves,” featuring My co-founder Judy Norsigian.

The symposium is part of Women and Girls Health Weekend coordinated by Educating Teens about HIV/AIDS, Inc. This Friday, there will be a screening of the breast implant documentary “Absolutely SAFE” with filmaker Carol Ciancutti, then Judy will speak on Saturday. Read

Los Intentos de los Republicanos por Frenar la Cobertura para Anticonceptivos Falla, pero ahora Viene la Pregunta: ¿Qué si habrían 83 Senadoras?

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Escrito por Christine C. Traducido del orginial en inglés March 1, 2012.


My has received funding to make blog entries available in Spanish. We hope to expand outreach efforts in the coming year.

Con una votación muy cerrada, 51 a 48 votos, hoy el Senado frenó una medida que permite a los empleadores y compañías de seguro médico negar cobertura para anticonceptivos y otros servicios médicos por cualquier objeción religiosa o moral.

El voto fue una de las enmiendas propuestas por el senador … Read

Friday Women’s Health Hero: Sandra Fluke

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Just when we think Rush Limbaugh couldn’t possibly sink lower, he takes on Georgetown University Law student Sandra Fluke for testifying about the importance of insurance coverage for contraceptives. During his radio show this week, Limbaugh used the most offensive language he can get away with on-air: He called Fluke a slut.

The good news is at least two advertisers so far (Sleep Train and Sleep Number) have pulled … Read

Massachusetts Men Join Effort to End Violence Against Women

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Since 1994, when the Violence Against Women Act was first signed into law, support for this law to combat domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking has usually been a bipartisan issue. Not so in 2012, when not a single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of a re-authorization last month.

At issue are provisions that call for protections for LGBT individuals, expand the availability of … Read

Take Back Our Genes Campaign Fights Restrictive Gene Patenting

By Rachel Walden |

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched the “Take Back Our Genes” campaign to fight against issuing patents issued human genes. The ACLU believes that allowing one company to own the patent for a particular gene limits research on genetic health conditions and also limits patient options for genetic testing.

As the organization explains:

Myriad Genetics, which controls the patents on the genes, is able to exclude others from testing and conducting research on the patented genes. Patients who want to obtain genetic testing to … Read