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The Medical (and Political) Problem with 20-Week Abortion Bans

By Rachel Walden |

Protest rally in Austin against anti-abortion legislation / Photo by Mirsasha

The recent wave of anti-abortion legislation has caused much confusion and concern over what the future of reproductive healthcare might look like in a few years. Texas recently enacted a 20-week abortion ban, and 13 states have passed similar bans. In Congress, Republican senators are pushing to bring a 20-week abortion ban up for a vote after the August recess, reports Read

Egg Donors Create Support Group for Women and Push for Read Safety Data

By Guest Contributor |

by Raquel Cool

co-founder of We Are Egg Donors

I recently decided to retire as an egg donor.

This choice is clearly right for me, and although I speak for myself and note that the views expressed below are my own, I know that there are others who share my concerns.

Months ago, I viewed a slideshow by Dr. Jennifer Schneider in which she said that donors are treated read like vendors than patients [Ed … Read

Clear Channel Won’t Run Ads for Women’s Health Clinic, Cites “Decency Standards”

By Rachel Walden |

Following a successful campaign urging Facebook to apply its community standards toward pages and groups promoting rape and other violence against women, Women, Action & the Media (WAM!) has launched a new effort: calling on Clear Channel to lift a ban on radio ads promoting a Wichita, Kan., women’s health clinic that provides abortions.

“At a time when access to reproductive health services, including … Read

Single-Size Diaphragm Now on the Market in Europe

By Rachel Walden |

Diaphragms are one of the least popular forms of contraception used by women, according to CDC data, but a new type of diaphragm aims to increase its appeal.

Diaphragms are a barrier method of contraception that block sperm from entering the cervix. They are typically used with added spermicide for extra protection against pregnancy.

Compared to hormonal contraception, the diaphragm has a higher Read

Night Sweats: A Memoir on an Unplanned Pregnancy

By Rachel Walden |

Librarian Laura Crossett has just published a memoir of her unplanned pregnancy, “Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy.”

I’d recommend it on the merits alone, but here’s another reason: Laura is donating half of her proceeds from book sales to Myhags.

Crossett describes her experience as a 35-year-old single woman — one month into a relationship and six months into a new job — facing a very unplanned pregnancy.

As the book description notes, her predicament is not uncommon, though her story is:

Almost … Read

Women Make Movies: New Releases Include Films on Virginity, Women in Prison and Body Image

By Rachel Walden |

Tired of not seeing women’s stories, told by women?

Women Make Movies, a non-profit founded in 1972 to address the representation of women in media, has just released it’s 2013 catalog of films.

We haven’t seen these yet, but here are a few films that might be of interest:

“A Girl Like Her” by Ann Fessler: The haunting story of over a million women in the United States who were pressured into surrendering their babies for adoption in the … Read

CIR Prison Investigation Opens Another Chapter on Sterilization of Women in U.S.

By Rachel Walden |

We learned this week of an appalling story involving coerced sterilization of women — an issue that never seems to disappear completely from view despite a long and painful history.

The Center for Investigative Reporting found that at least 148 female inmates in two California prisons were sterilized between 2006 to 2010 — and there may be 100 read incidents dating back to the late 1990s.

Due to supposedly strict limits on sterilization of inmates, state approval was … Read

Lessons Learned: Why Midwives Should Matter to Everyone

By Guest Contributor |

by Eliza Duggan

“Interesting! … What’s that?”

This is the typical response I received when I told people, especially my peers, that I was writing my senior thesis on midwifery. I became accustomed to saying, “I’m writing on midwifery — midwives,” since most people have at least heard the term “midwife.”

The initial lack of knowledge was discouraging; however, the best parts of my project were the conversations that followed. The read I researched and wrote on midwifery, the read it became clear to me that not only are … Read

Woman considering possible risks of donating her eggsWoman considering possible risks of donating her eggs

Egg Donation is Made to Look Easy, but Questions and Health Risks Remain

By Guest Contributor |

First in a series on egg donors and the egg donation process.

by Ryann Summers

Recently, a former co-worker and his romantic partner sent me a text message that left me reeling.

It essentially read: Hey, can I have ur eggs? Thx.

Few couples would be better equipped to raise a well-loved child than these two men, and I fully supported their decision to start a family. But I wondered how we had arrived at the point where this request has become so casual that it can be communicated … Read