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In Memoriam: Dr. Gary Romalis

By Rachel Walden |

Dr. Gary Romalis, a major proponent of women’s reproductive health and rights, died on Jan. 30 at age 76.

Dr. Romalis was dedicated to helping women by providing abortion. In a 2008 speech at University of Toronto, Romalis addressed some of the … Read

U.S. Abortion Rate Drops, But What Do the Numbers Mean?

By Rachel Walden |

The U.S. abortion rate has declined to its lowest levels in four decades, according to a new report from the Guttmacher Institute.

As of 2011, the rate had declined to 16.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44, almost half of what it was in 1981 (29.3 per 1,000 women) and the lowest since 1973 (16.3 per 1,000).

While the record number of abortion restrictions passed in 2011 … Read

Does Viewing an Ultrasound Deter Women from Having an Abortion?

By Rachel Walden |

Source: Relationship Between Ultrasound Viewing and Proceeding to Abortion / Obstetrics & Gynecology January 2014

We all know what forcing women to undergo and view ultrasounds prior to an abortion is supposed to do — influence women to carry their pregnancies to term.

That’s why crisis pregnancy centers, which operate with an anti-abortion agenda, offer ultrasounds even though most are not equipped to provide medical services, and anti-abortion mobile buses park near … Read

Your Ad Here: Help Myhags Advertise in The Boston Globe!

By Judy Norsigian |

Can you imagine if Myhags took out an ad in The Boston Globe? We could announce the launch of our new website (coming soon!) and the important work My is doing to develop and promote accurate information about girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive health!

If you’re a Boston Globe subscriber, print or digital, you can help make that ad a reality — and it won’t cost a thing.

All subscribers are being sent an email or letter — look for the silver envelope … Read

“Voice Male”: New Book on the Social Transformation of Masculinity

By Judy Norsigian |

When I first started reading Voice Male magazine some years back, I felt a strong sense of appreciation and urgency about this magazine being widely read.

Here at Myhags, we have long worked with male allies who share common values and goals, but too often their work has been under the radar — both both in terms of media recognition, and visibility within women’s and community organizations that would welcome them as collaborators.

We know some tremendous work is being … Read

Bill Regulating Certified Professional Midwives Needs a Push

By Judy Norsigian |

Once again, a bill that would license and regulate certified professional midwives, or CPMs, has been introduced in the Massachusetts legislature. And it’s time for the Commonwealth to join the 28 other states in this country that already have adopted such regulation.

CPMs are educated to develop hands-on expertise in the home or birth center setting. Maternity care professionals with many decades of experience as well as prominent consumer organizations are supporting this bill because they believe it … Read

The Real Danger of the NuvaRing

By Rachel Walden |

If you read the recent Vanity Fair article about NuvaRing contraception, “Danger in the Ring,” you could be excused for coming away with the conclusion that NuvaRing is deadly and should be yanked off the market immediately.

But hold on.

NuvaRing, a hormonal birth control that is inserted into the vagina, contains estrogen and etonogestrel, a form of progestin that’s different from what’s in the most common low-dose combined birth control pills. As the Vanity Fair article describes, it is also the subject … Read

A Woman’s Life Has Ended, but Hospital Insists on Life Support for Fetus Against Family’s Wishes

By Rachel Walden |

Right now in Fort Worth, Texas, 33-year-old Marlise Munoz lies in a hospital bed, brain dead after experiencing a blood clot in her lungs. Munoz’s family has been prohibited from honoring her wishes to be removed from life support.

Why? Munoz is pregnant.

When her clot happened, Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant; she’s now 20 weeks pregnant. Texas is one of 12 states in which a pregnancy at any stage invalidates a woman’s advance directive for her end-of-life care. The other states are Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, … Read

False Alarms Remain a Huge Problem with Mammograms Used for Breast Cancer Screening

By Rachel Walden |

Breast cancer detection has become a read controversial subject over the past several years, with routine screening mammograms — the kind many women are encouraged to undergo starting in their 40s — drawing read scrutiny.

Read and read, researchers and clinicians are acknowledging that screening mammography has a high rate of false alarms, causing worry along with sometimes unnecessary treatment.

H. Gilbert Welch, a professor at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, recently wrote an Read