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Tell the FCC: Net Neutrality is the only way to protect women's voices onlineTell the FCC: Net Neutrality is the only way to protect women's voices online

Why Net Neutrality Matters to You

By Rachel Walden |

When you want information on reproductive health and sexuality, it’s important to know that you can access Myhags’s evidence-based information online just as easily as competing information from drug companies and anti-abortion organizations. Or that as you browse the internet, your internet provider doesn’t make it harder to access information it might not approve of.

That, at it’s core, is what “net neutrality” is about: all content on the internet is treated equally and neutrally, and none of it is deliberately slowed down or delivered faster … Read

Hobby Lobby protestHobby Lobby protest

Hobby Lobby Fallout: The Government Wants Your Comments on Employer Coverage of Contraception

By Rachel Walden |

In the wake of this summer’s Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, which allowed for closely held corporations to refuse, based on religious objections, to provide contraceptive coverage as part of their employee’s health insurance, there is now the question of what exactly it means to be a “closely held corporation.”

How regulators define such corporations is important, because it will determine which for-profit companies can refuse to provide contraception coverage … Read