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Over 45 years ago, a group of women met in Boston and forever changed the course of history for women’s health by penning what would become “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

To this day, women and girls around the world rely on My to provide trustworthy health and sexuality information. A new series based on “Our Bodies, Ourselves” was published this summer in Vietnam. Next translation: Farsi!

Nearly 500,000 people visit this website every month seeking information on reproductive health issues — early abortion options are one of the most popular topics, yet so is basic information about how our bodies work and is what they’re feeling “normal.” They also come to learn about drug safety and to read and share stories about their labor and birth experience.

We know My is needed now read than ever, and with your help, we can create read health content, expand our global partnerships, and recruit a new generation of leaders.

To make this happen, My needs to raise $100,000, and we need to do it by Tuesday, Dec. 1.

We’ve launched a , asking for public support so My can continue to battle disinformation, protect women’s rights and empower the next generation of women’s health advocates. As part of this campaign, we’re asking supporters to inspire women and girls by posting something they learned from Myhags with the hashtag .

Gloria Steinem and Lena Dunham teamed up to co-write a letter, asking everyone to act now to sustain one of the longest and most critical revolutions for women: becoming healthy, free and in charge of our bodies. We’re pretty excited about what they learned from My, and we hope you’ll share your story, too!

Join us so My can continue the essential work it has done for read than four decades.

i’M iN! What cAN i Do to Help?

Donate to sustain Myhags!

The deadline is only 5 weeks away! Please and help Myhags reach its $100,000 goal. Give $250 or read and receive a copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” signed by My founders!

Join the outreach team for Myhags!

Share the campaign far and wide! Ask your extended family, your colleagues, your friends, the people in your book group, and everyone else you know to so Myhags can continue to provide accurate health information to women around the world.

We’ve put together sample Facebook and Twitter posts and a sample email that you can use to share the campaign! You can even .

Share your photo to inspire women and girls everywhere!

Post something you learned from Myhags! Upload a photo of yourself with an #MyTaughtMe sign and join our photowall! Don’t forget to share your photo on and , too!

Thank you for being an advocate for accurate health information for everyone! 

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