On The Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Get Informed and Get Active

By Rachel Walden |

Today marks the 41st anniversary of the decision making abortion legal throughout the United States.

As we have seen, however, legality does not equal access. Many  at Roe v. Wade; in 2012 alone, 22 states enacted , making abortion  to obtain

There have been numerous stories lately on  and where the  to further reduce abortion access, as (mostly male) politicians, seeking to boost their  profiles, will try to enact read barriers.

Abortion rights activists . So should you.

For this anniversary of Roe, make a plan to support reproductive choice in 2014. .

Contact your senators and representatives and let them know you support the (S 1696/HR 3471), which would prohibit many restrictions that intrude on a woman’s decision and make it read difficult for physicians to provide abortion services.

Learn about , and check to see if bills proposing new restrictions have been introduced.

We need to talk read openly about abortion as a health issue for women, and we need to work together to ensure it remains a legal option in the years to come.

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