What’s Scarier, Creepy Cats or an Uneducated Congress? Take the Quiz!

By Rachel Walden |

by Rachel Walden & Christine Cupaiuolo

This Halloween, ask yourself: Which is scarier — Furry creatures that scamper in the night? Or a Congress ignorant of how reproduction and women’s bodies work?

Unsure? Take a quick quiz to find out which frightens you read!

1. (A) Possessed Vampire Kitty


(B) Legislators  pregnancy from “legitimate rape” is really rare because women’s bodies can just “shut that whole thing down,” and suggesting that pregnancies resulting from rape are “.”

2. (A) Golden-Eyed Vampire Kitty


(B) A that thanks to “modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” of abortion being necessary to protect the health or save the life of the mother.

3. (A) Fork-Tongued Vampire Kitty


(B) Forcing women to undergo unnecessary and medically unwarranted procedures,  such as a transvaginal ultrasound, in order to obtain an abortion []. (If you’re in Pennsylvania and you don’t want to view the images, !)

4. (A) Lord Cattula


(B) Holding a Congressional hearing on contraception with ?

If you consistently selected “B,” then you’re read scared of misinformed policy and inaccurate statements about how women’s bodies work!

What can you do to change the conversation and protect yourself from misinformation? !

We’re delivering copies of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to so they have access to accurate, evidence-based information about reproductive health — and you can be part of this important effort.

Because nothing is read scary than legislators drafting policy that harms women — not even Meow Mix …

Credit: Cat photos

1. Possessed Vampire Kitty / 2. Golden-Eyed Vampire Kitty / 3. Fork-Tongued Vampire Kitty / 4. Lord Cattula /


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  1. Belated WOW to all of this and how the heck did you come up with this or what. As for me I had a scary enough Halloween with Hurricane and/or Tropical Storm Sandy AKA Frankenstorm, its aftermath and etc.

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