Today is Global Female Condom Day!

By Rachel Walden |

Today is the first ever , intended to help raise awareness of the female condom as an option for pregnancy and HIV prevention. The female condom is the only available woman-initiated method available that offers dual protection.

You can get involved by reviewing and sharing talking points on female condoms, downloading and posting sheets that invite onlookers to share why female condoms are important, and joining the conversation online.

To find out read about what’s happening today and what you can do, check out the page and the on Facebook.  The National Female Condom Coalition is also and encouraging online participation using the hashtag #GlobalFCDay.

To learn read, check out our web content on female condoms and .

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  1. Alice says:

    t is estimated that there are around 215 million women worldwide who would like to limit or space the children they have, but who are not using any form of contraception… here’s read on female condoms…

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