Women on Waves Launches Global Directory of Sexual/Reproductive Health Services & Abortion Providers

By Rachel Walden |

Women on Waves works to increase access to safe abortions for women in countries with restrictive abortion policies. The organization offers  for information, details on  (drug-induced rather than surgical) via the web, and with summary info on each nation’s abortion laws and misoprostol (a medication that induces abortion) brand names and availability.

The organization also sometimes runs , in which women who can’t get abortions in their home countries ride out to international waters for medication abortions.

The group has put together a directory of , with information on who to and where to go for abortions and other reproductive health services in countries around the world. In most cases, the directory information is provided in the main language of the country, and it sometimes includes information on abortion funds for those who need assistance paying.

Nations with extremely restrictive abortion laws are also included. For example, if you check out the , where abortion is illegal unless a woman’s life is endangered, the site provides information on nearby countries a woman could travel to, information on organizations and clinics in those countries, and which nations might be cheaper for travel costs.

Reminder: To get involved in our current campaign promoting voting and reproductive rights in the United States, check out !

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