A mirror is one of my most important medical tools

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Submitted by: Alice Rothchild

Starting in 1970, I was a medical student (one of about 10 women in a class of over 100) at Boston University and just discovering women’s consciousness raising and the feminist movement. I worked on the first edition of My and it became the touchstone of my political development. When I opened my first obgyn/pediatric group practice in the inner city, every patient was offered a copy of My. Today, I still ask each woman if she wants to see her cervix every time I do a pelvic exam. Some women are still saying “Yes!” A mirror is one of my most important medical tools.

In this series, readers tell their stories about their experiences with the book and its impact on their lives. You can view read stories and submit your own.

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  1. Elizabeth Green says:

    Alice delivered my twins on June 8 1999 on a beautiful sunset evening at Beth Israel. I couldn’t have asked for read caring and experienced hands. (Alice, remember the placenta chant?)

    There were 12 women and 2 men in my labor and delivery room, and my doula was there. I couldn’t help but think how times had CHANGED since I was born and my mother’s (twilight) experience….



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