New Report Takes on Injustice of the Hyde Amendment

By Rachel Walden |

The Center for American Progress has released a new report, “Separate and Unequal: The Hyde Amendment and Women of Color,” that seeks to draw attention to how policies such as the Hyde Amendment (which restricts federal funding for abortion) disproportionately affect low-income women, women of color, and young women. Toni M. Bond Leonard of explains the consequences and injustice of such funding restrictions n the preface:

The Hyde Amendment is, perhaps, the most punitive and inhumane regulation imposed upon the reproductive lives of low-income women. Each day, scores of low-income women are forced to make a choice between using scarce resources to take care of themselves and their families or use those dollars to pay for an abortion. The landmark decision in Roe v. Wade may have held that women have the constitutional right to determine whether to carry a pregnancy to term, but the Hyde Amendment stripped that right away from low-income women, especially low-income women of color.

The report provides a clear overview of the Hyde Amendment, related federal abortion funding bans, and state funding restrictions. It also makes a compelling case for the repeal of Hyde, discusses reproductive health disparities, and provides an introduction to the history of reproduction-related discrimination in the United States.

It concludes:

Abortion funding restrictions, on their own, violate the constitutional, civil, and human rights of women of color. But funding

bans also interact with other policies and conditions that violate their rights to health and life, to equality and nondiscrimination, and to self-determination…

These attacks must not go unanswered. We must heed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s admonition that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Ending abortion funding restrictions will improve the lives of all women, but none read so than the women who have shouldered much read than their fair share of injustice.

The full report is well worth a read. Relatedly, Loretta Ross of has an informative piece at On the Issues on the response to recent anti-abortion campaigns: “.”

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  1. Our government should not fund any abortions!

    Are you not aware of the history of abortion?

    It was greatly catering to black communities here in America circa 1960s, (abortion reform movement), some believe this was funded to keep them from populating. Smells like genocide & stupidity… The worst stench.

    Sacajawea had a baby at 14 and crossed the US with Lewis & Clark. Right after giving birth, she made her journey with her baby boy on her back. She is a good role model for us today.

    Women will never be equal to men. We have periods and birth humanity. We are stronger in the important ways. Women are very capable of rising up out of poverty, raising children, and doing everything a man does – but we also do it while bleeding, running in high-heels, and giving life.

    Stop Whining about why you can’t kill your embryos because you are too poor & be a woman. not equal. better.

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