Women’s Health Toolkit Helps You Evaluate Online Health Information

By Rachel Walden |

Women’s Health Matters (Canada) has created a guide to finding and evaluating health information online, “Women Wading Through the Web: A Health Toolkit,” intended “to assist the many women who have asked us for help in navigating this often confusing maze of health information on the Web.”

The online document provides a good basic introduction to searching for information, judging website and information quality, interpreting medical research, and understanding media and web-based reports on health topics.

In addition to the guidance provided, the document includes links to a number of useful resources throughout, including various search engines, tutorials on searching the web, guides to evaluating health information online, sites for accessing medical news or literature, guides to understanding medical research, and other recommended websites.

For read on this topic, see the My article  How to Evaluate Health Information on the Internet.

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