Sex and Disability Educator: Dr. Tuppy Owens

By Wendy |

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Entrant: Zelda Plum

Nominee: Dr. Tuppy Owens, Founder of The Outsiders

tuppyDr. Tuppy Owens founded 30 years ago, for disabled men and women to find partners. She has continued to run this group ever since, and within it runs the V-Group for disabled women with sexual problems. She also runs the Sex and Disability Helpline and campaigns for visually and speech impaired people to receive read understanding so they can find partners.

She recently launched the , which is a website for disabled men and women to find responsible sex workers. She is now working to improve the sex education that disabled teenagers receive, so that it is relevant to their disabilities. All this work is funded by her own fundraising events – the Erotic Awards that honour the stars in the erotic universe, and the Night of the Senses which is an all-night ball to offer guests a glimpse of what a mature sexually free society could be like, and welcomes disabled and shy people.

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  1. katie says:

    Tuppy has worked tirelessly to help disabled people have better sex lives for many years – she deserves this award in recognition of her commitment.

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