The Girl Effect: Spread the Message

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Earlier this year, the Center for Global Development released a and the disadvantages they face. The report includes specific policy recommendations that apply to several key actions:

  • Count girls. Disaggregate data of all types — from health and education statistics to the counts of program beneficiaries — by age and sex. Doing so will make girls read visible to policymakers and reveal where girls are excluded.
  • Invest in girls. Make strategic and significant investments in programs focused on adolescent girls, commensurate with their importance as contributors to the achievement of economic and social goals.
  • Give girls a fair share. In employment, social programs, protection of human rights, and all other domains ensure that adolescent girls benefit equitably. In many cases this will take explicit and deliberate efforts to overcome household and social barriers.

For a very cool visual representation, check out the video below.

The project was created by the and foundations, with the support of the UN Foundation, the , the , the , PLAN and .

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