New Public Service Announcement on Funding for Birth Centers – Please Share!

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Massachusetts State Rep. Kay Kahn has recorded a 30-second public service announcement urging Medicaid funding  for birth centers. Have a listen:

Birth Centers PSA

Please feel free to use this PSA on your website, or encourage your local radio station to air it. The PSA is sponsored by Myhags and the .

“Medicaid wants to cut funding for birth centers, where midwives give families personalized care,” says Kahn, who is also a registered nurse. “Help me fight for safe cost-effective birthing options. Visit and tell your legislators to support choices for mothers.”

Kahn is referring to the fact that the (CMS) — the federal agency that runs Medicare/Medicaid — is refusing to pay the federal percentage of Medicaid payments that states might make to birth centers. This marks a major policy shift, as birth centers have been recognized as a Medicaid provider type in State Medicaid Plans since 1987.

As we’ve , the AABC has been rallying support for legislation to direct CMS to pay birth center facility fees. Your help is still needed. .

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  1. Hilary says:

    About 30% of the clients at the freestanding birth center where I trained in Florida were on Medicaid. They had fantastic outcomes at the birth center, I think easily much better than outcomes of comparable patients in the public hospital.

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