Submit Your Comment By Wednesday on Child Nutrition Programs and WIC

By Rachel Walden |

The program of Democracy in Action alerted us to a public comment period that is closing on Wednesday, October 15 and is collecting comments on the USDA’s child nutrition and WIC programs for consideration prior to the 2009 reauthorization of the programs. Democracy in Action is asking individuals to submit comments requesting that hormone-free and organic milk be among the options in the federal school breakfast and lunch program, and has an on this topic.

My has written about the topic of rBGH in milk previously – see  for background information.

The reauthorization will also address , a program intended to improve the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women and their young children – the agency has specifically requested comments regarding the for provision of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We’ve that, while increasing access to fresh produce is a good thing, the WIC provisions for this (expected to occur mid-2009) are likely inadequate to truly make a difference for women and their families – they’ll add a mere $8/month in vouchers for use at farmers markets. Your comments on the WIC provisions for fresh fruit and veggies can also be submitted prior to Wednesday.

To comment, view – click on the HTML or PDF icon beside “Views” to read the request for comments, and click on the yellow icon beside “Add Comments” to submit your suggestions. Comments are due by Wednesday, October 15.

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  1. rj says:

    I wish I had discovered this post (and this blog) before today. I spend over $6/gallon on organic milk (about every 10 days) for my children because I believe it is best for them and their bowel issues. However, on the Free & Reduced Lunch in my county, they can only drink regular milk, or nothing at all (unless you have a doctor’s note for juice.). I think this practice is absurd; I’ve been in various other states and have never seen this. So, I got a doctor’s note.

    As of this school year, the county now serves hormone-free milk. Now, how about that? I didn’t even get to write my letter to the government to bitch and complain!

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