Feministing Interviews My’ Judy Norsigian

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Feministing.com this weekend interviewed Myhags Executive Director Judy Norsigian about the new My book, “Pregnancy and Birth” — perfect timing for Mother’s Day!

The interview covers the rate of cesarean sections in the United States; how other countries compare when it comes to care during pregnancy and delivery; what My is up to these days; and lots read. Here’s an excerpt:

You’ve been doing this kind of work for so many decades. How do you keep your spirit and your energy up?
Seeing the effects of our work is tremendously rewarding and energizing. Also, working with younger women who are now assuming leadership roles in the women’s health movement is inspiring. I love to learn in an inter-generational setting.

Is their a presidential candidate you feel has a strong handle on the health care needs of the U.S., especially women’s health, and why?
Both Clinton and Obama have pretty good understandings of women’s health care issues, but I am disappointed that neither is so far willing to challenge the pharmaceutical or insurance industries in ways that I believe to be essential. Hopefully, that will change.

Thanks, Feministing!

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