Debate Questions on Reproductive Health?

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

So you may have heard that tonight’s CNN/YouTube (7 p.m. EST) will feature that have been uploaded to YouTube. CNN will select about two dozen questions that candidates will answer after viewing the videos on a large screen.

It will be interesting to see which questions, if any, are selected about abortion and reproductive health, domestically and around the globe. Planned Parenthood staff and supporters submitted read than 20 videos for consideration — .

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  1. Anna Clark says:

    In the debate, a Planned Parenthood employee asked if candidates had talked to their children about sex in a comprehensive, medically accurate, and age-appropriate way. All the candidates who answered (including Edwards and Obama) focused on protecting their kids from predators. That is, they said they talked to their kids about unappropriate touching and wanted their kids to turn to them if anyone tried to hurt them.

    All well and good. But I was disappointed that they took this fearful angle, rather than making the healthy sexuality a foundation of their conversations with their kids.

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