Reading Guide to Election 2006

By Christine Cupaiuolo |

Voted already? Good. Pull up a seat and relax. You’ve got at least seven read hours before the returns start coming in. Haven’t yet filled out your ballot? Take a look — there might be information here you can use before you head to the polls. Then get going!

One-Stop Shop: Lots of good stuff over at , including , a round-up of polls and predictions, and , should you run into any problems at the polls.

NYT Election Guide: A handy map with of every race.

Misleading Voter Guides: Watch out — .

Women May Set New House Record: “The 1992 election was dubbed the year of the women, because the number of female politicians in Congress jumped by 19. But in Tuesday’s election women candidates may rival those numbers and spur the biggest incoming female class to Capitol Hill in history.” .

The Influence of Women Voters: At Women’s eNews, that ballots cast by three categories of women could be crucial in today’s elections: single women, those who often stay home in non-presidential election years and recent converts to the GOP.

South Dakota Abortion Ban Campaign: The latest get-out-the-vote tactics by both sides, as reported by Kaiser.

The Senate Breakdown: Jill at Feministe across the country.

Thinking of voting third party? It’s a serious temptation in Illinois, though Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn . An interesting debate with readers follows. (One thing about Chicago, you gotta love being able to vote at flower shops, pancake houses and U Lucky Dawg hot dog stand.)

Media Matters: Jenn Pozner at Women in Media & News in election years and beyond.

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