Webster's New World Dictionary's definition of Hag is "a witch".

Since my bass guitars are all so different in appearance and sound I have given them all
names of various witches. The witch names in folklore are associated with a certain myth
or quality. I have named my basses accordingly.

    Louhi- The ability to shape-shift and cast powerful spells.
            My Hagstrom IB Bass Guitar

    Dalal- Coquettish and seductive.
            My Hagstrom Concord Bass Guitar

    Maeve- Intoxicating
            My Hagstrom HIIBN Bass Guitar

    Fatin- Fascinating
            My Hagstrom Swede Bass Guitar

    Ahti- The ability to sing sand into pearls
            My Hagstrom Scanbass Guitar

    Morgan le fay-Powerful sorceress
            My Hagstrom Super Swede Bass Guitar

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